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Physical DescriptionEdit

Vayarm is a huge, hulking figure who stands at 7'2". Some say he's on steroids. He has mid length dark brown, rugged hair and brown stubble around his face. His eyes are a faded blue but are usually soft to look at. Despite his size he usually wears a smile on his face and generally looks like a friendly guy. He usually wears dark brown, suit pants with a white shirt and dark brown waistcoat


Overall Vayarm is a kind and nice man. He tries his best to treat everyone equal and will always try to see things from their point of view. This makes him a very understanding individual who will rarely make true enemies with someone. Like most Vayarm can get angry, but this is on extremely rare occasions where there is no understanding the motives of the person in question. Vayarm isn't a particularly smart man when it comes to maths, science and logic however he can more than easily comfort someone or make them feel better and so he is smart in that respect. He knows how to deal with people, not computers.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Mark VII Armour: Vayarm's armour has been handcrafted by himself and Kaito Kago as a joint project. It is made mainly from elenite but is still thick enough to stop a bullet due to the reinforced padding beneath it. Vayarm's armour also has an energy core on the back that can cause his armour to do multiple things such as:

  • Warming or heating the armour up.
  • Suddenly tightening the joints in the armour to make Vayarm as steadfast as possible.
  • Constantly projects an energy field on Vayarm's back to prevent dirty backstabbers!
  • Project an energy shield in front of Vayarm that blocks both magic and physical attacks.

OAM shield: Vayarm's shield is also made from elenite with Kevlar on the inside of it to reinforce the strength of the shield (This is to make it entirely bullet proof). The shield's edge is bladed so Vayarm will also use it like a weapon. It was crafted by himself

Gauntlet: Vayarm's right fist is a large, spiked gauntlet. Much like Kaito's. However it is no where near as technologically advanced as Kaito's gauntlets and so Vayarm has to entirely rely on his physical capabilities. It was crafted by himself and was the inspiration for Kaito's gauntlets.