Lilith weapon

Lilith's weapon


Lilith is a demon from a world known as 'Xodius', she was originally burried in a tomb with her friends. She was supposed to guard the place but when people discovered the tomb she awoke from her slumber. She is known for being a friendly but agressive one.


Physical Appearance Edit

Lilith is a buff looking lady underneath her armour and rarely takes her armour off. She's atleast seven feet tall which makes her look like a mountain. She had a pair of goat-like horns on either side of her head. Her head is covered in scars especially around her eyes and down to her neck. Her eyes are a deep shade of red and even though she can't see out of them she doesn't like to cover them up.

She is rarely ever seen without her armour and nobody has ever witnessed it breaking or cracking. Her sword may also be impossible to carry around for most humans but she takes it with her everywhere she goes.